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You know what they’re looking for right? It’s called frontotemporal dementia. Areas of your brain start to shrink. It’s what my mother had. It’s the only form of dementia that can hit teenagers. And there’s no cure.

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Disney + Magical Body Transformations

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You were right. You deserve to know the truth.

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H o n e s t y is tough.

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be the innocent flower but be the serpent under it

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like a  g i r l

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Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.


effy, 1995, wish i was born in the uk.

what didn't kill me it never made me stronger at all - ed sheeran

one direction light up my world like nobody else - selena gomez is my faith

farry - harlena - diall - narry - ziam - delena - ashlena - spoby - haleb - stelena - klaroline - outlawqueen - captainswan - summerxseth - ryanxmarissa

pretty little liars - once upon a time - the vampire diaries - the o.c.

«You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.» - s. hastings

writing, books, music, telefilms, fictional characters, a cup of tea: what else?

i have a strange passion for the shooting stars and the lucky charms.

london, la, rome, dublin: i’d like to see the world and learn everything about it.

we're too young to know about forever.

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